The Oloproteic Diet

Japanese cuisine represents the precision of the ingredients well, the oloproteic diet is just as precise as the nutritionist Dr. Paola Proietti Cesaretti by thewealthyspoon can advise

The diet is based on a special protocol of normo-protein diet which allows to lose from 7% to 10% of weight in a relative short period of time (21 days) keeping unaltered the muscle mass and reducing the fat mass.

The Oloproteic Diet is done in three phases, during which the patient has to be followed very carefully from the Nutritionist who shall adjust the phases according to the response of the patient. If the recommendations are followed accurately, then the loss in weight will stay in the long period.

Attack Phase

The first phase is characterized by a customized nutritional protocol with balanced amount of proteins. This phase lasts 21 days in average. 

Transition Phase

The second phase is characterized by a low-calorine nutritional protocol with reintegration of carbohydrates. The target is the consolidation of the results achieved in the first phase. This phase lasts 10 days in average. 

Maintaining Phase

The third phase is characterized by a slightly low-calorine nutritional protocol modelled according to the Mediterranean Diet and tailored upon the Patient’s needs.


  • quick weight loss
  • reduction of the hungry feeling after 48-72 hours from the start of the first phase
  • improvement of the muscle tone and of the skin elasticity
  • improvement of physical and mental energy after the first 4/6 days
  • reduction of the localized adiposities (effect also known as “nutritional liposuction”) and consequently reduction of the water retention

Side effects:

  • physical and mental tiredness during the first 3/5 days of the diet
  • headaches during the first 2 days of the diet are possible
  • tachycardia
  • constipation
  • halitosis (due to the presence in the bloodstream of ketone bodies like the acetone)

The side effects can be mitigated with the appropriate integration of minerals, probiotics and fibers. The diet can show contraindications for specific disorders. It is essential a visit to evaluate if the protocol is applicable to your specific case or it is necessary a different formulation.

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