the WealthySpoon

Why I chose thewealthyspoon my blog title? I always thought it was possible to reach and maintain your ideal weight without constraints or drastic sacrifices.

It can be done thanks to a healthy and at the same time rich diet: healthy as the natural properties of food are preserved and rich because it provides us with the macronutrients that our body absolutely needs during the day.

I like the image of the spoon – which symbolizes daily cooking – associated with wealth: richness of food and their nutritional properties.

It is important to rediscover the pleasure of cooking that today is possible in times that are absolutely compatible with daily commitments.

It can become not only a pleasure, but above all the way to access a more careful diet on which to build a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy and balanced diet together with a healthy lifestyle are the two pillars on which prevention and contrast to the most important diseases of our time, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and obesity, are based.

The reduction of risk factors can be achieved by changing one’s diet and lifestyle.

In the course of our life, the time comes to take better care of our organism: the change in metabolism means that the old habits are no longer adequate.

We often react by starting physical activity or resuming a long-neglected sporting activity.

However, if it becomes a real attempt to change one’s lifestyle, then it is absolutely necessary that it be preceded by an evaluation and an eventual adjustment of one’s diet.

In fact, practicing sports in the absence of adequate and balanced nutrition can turn out to be a worse remedy than the disease: traumas can be generated whose causes lie in nutritional deficiencies of which we are unaware.

For example, a lack of specific minerals – due to unbalanced nutrition – can lead to a weakening of the bone structure of which we may not be aware (especially due to a sedentary lifestyle).

In such conditions, the adoption of a sporting practice can lead to traumatic events (including fractures) which – even if they are easily resolved – are still obstacles that oppose the change in lifestyle.

In other cases, our initiative may be short-lived because we find that it takes great effort to practice sports, or rather we are exhausted instead of experiencing well-being.

Finally, if nutrition is not adequate to our needs, then sports can cause us suffering because we could lose muscle mass (sarcopenia) and be fatigued.

A vicious circle is established in which physical activity, rather than being a relief, becomes a burden for our body. The inevitable consequence will be an abandonment of sports after the initial enthusiasm.

Other cases can be used as an example to explain the difficulties we can encounter not only for changes due to the natural course of our life, but also in the occasion of events whose effects can be acute in a vulnerable organism.

The message we must make ours is that taking care of one’s diet is the first step to take, not only to adapt to a change in our metabolism, but also to support the change we want to make in our lifestyle.

A balanced diet based on a healthy diet guarantees our body the necessary and sufficient resources for our lifestyle.

We can support daily commitments and better cope with the most frequent disturbing factors, one of which is certainly stress.

On this basis it is possible to start the path that leads us to our ideal weight. It is a plan that allows us to obtain long-term sustainable progressive benefits.

In this way, we create the ideal conditions for engaging in sports activities that can also be important because they are now well supported by the body.

Thus a positive circle is established in which physical activity brings well-being and strengthens the person’s motivation to follow the virtuous diet.

Taking this path can be extremely rewarding for ourselves as individuals. Only when we really do it will we understand its importance for our health and well-being.

At that time, we would no longer want to be involved as individuals but we would like our family members to participate as well. The role of the kitchen, understood as a daily practice, can therefore be important.

I’m not talking about the kitchen of yesteryear, which required great efforts and considerable expenditure of time, often totally on the shoulders of our mothers. A cuisine, however, of which we often keep a pleasant memory that takes us back to distant and profound rites.

Today it is possible to rediscover the pleasure of cooking for us and for our families even in the spare time of our busy days. Technology in the kitchen, quick access to information and the guidance of a nutritionist are resources that allow this.

It is therefore possible not only to rediscover the pleasure of cooking, but also to contribute substantially to our and our family’s well-being. Even if we do not recover the ancient practices, we can relive the ritual of cooking in the warmth of our family.

The kitchen and family food at the center, rich nutrition to support us and our new initiatives.

For all of this, I like to think that thewealthyspoon represents the content of my work and of this blog well.