Breakfast with rye bread and chia seeds

Fetta di pane di segale con ricotta, composta e semi di chia accompagnata da kiwi ed una tazzina di caffè, composizione della Nutrizionista Dott.ssa Paola Proietti Cesaretti by thewealthyspoon

Healthy breakfast based on rusks with sunflower honey and chia seeds … a tasty pairing to accompany with a good coffee? Not only that, but also an energetic and satiating sweet breakfast!

This breakfast presents all the useful macronutrients to start the day full of energy. Let’s see how.

There are complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index represented by rye bread and simple carbohydrates represented by fresh fruit and homemade fruit compote.

The fats are represented by those of “ricotta”, chia seeds and almonds, while proteins are both animal (ricotta) and vegetable (chia seeds and almonds).

In essence, a preparation that, although simple, is well inspired by healthy eating. I appreciate it not only as a nutritionist in preparing food plans for my patients, but also personally, as part of my daily diet.


I always add chia seeds to my breakfast because they have useful properties for the body’s well-being: they contain the essential amino acids that our body cannot synthesize and that are useful for building the protein structure. Moreover, they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory effect, they give a good sense of satiety by taking on a mucilaginous consistency in the stomach and have a beneficial effect in case of sluggish intestine.

Eat well Sleep well

A cup of herbal tea accompanied by sacred basil on a wooden spoon proposed by the Nutritionist Dr. Paola Proietti Cesaretti by thewealthyspoon

During the night between 26 and 27 October, solar time returned in force and we were able to sleep an hour longer. Our body certainly benefited, especially if we were able to rest well

In fact, several studies have amply shown that restorative sleep lasting at least 6-7 hours brings important psychophysical benefits to our body

We see some of these studies whose full text can be traced back by following the links on the bibliography page.

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Symposium of Functional Medicine and Nutrition

Poster of the Symposium of Functional Nutrition Medicine in Rome November 2019 and the Nutritionist Dr. Paola Proietti Cesaretti by thewealthyspoon

Rome, Nov 15-16-17, 2019

 Participating in this Symposium was very exciting for me because it is the first major event I attended as a Nutritionist. I felt part of a group of professionals who have the same thought and the same desire to put into practice what the scientific evidence is supporting even in the nutritional field.

Functional medicine is spreading exponentially in other states such as the United States, England and New Zealand. Here in Italy we are still in its infancy, but the desire to get involved and spread it is very strong.

During the Symposium, foreign and Italian professionals of high level and culture in functional medicine, such as Dr. Fasano, Dr. Bevacqua and Dr. O’Brian – to name a few – had their speech .

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Physical Activity and Wellness

Initiatives in physical exercise may be useful as the cute Snoopy shows us if we proceed gradually by thewealthyspoon

Movement and nutrition are an inseparable combination to reach a state of physical and mental wellness. A fair amount of physical activity should be provided in the daily life of all of us.

The type and intensity of training depend on many factors such as age, gender, health conditions and chronic stress. It would be necessary to find the right dose of duration and quality of activity to benefit from the movement and to prevent this from becoming a source of further stress.

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