Who I am

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Dr. Paola Proietti Cesaretti Nutritionist

I am a Nutritionist whose experience comes from twenty-four years of work as Pharmacist.

I achieved my bachelor degree in Biology of Nutrition while working as Pharmacist. This working experience is one of my strengths not only because it is based on a long period, but also because it has been characterized by a direct contact with my patients. In this way, I have developed specific competences in the use of medicines and supplements in a healthy lifestyle.

Most of my patients questioned themselves with nearly the same question: “what shall I eat to feel better? How can I improve my health by eating differently from what I am doing now?”

In light of this experiences I undertook the path that brought me today to be a Nutritionist. A profession which allows me to take my patients to a path of healthy nutrition.

The path that I propose allows to achieve the healthy weight or to lead a healthy lifestyle capable to bring wellness, health and energy. It is applicable not only in prevention, but even in presence of specific disorders like hypertension, hyperlipidemia or diabetes.

My personal experience taught me that the personalization of the nutritional path is fundamental to achieve results sustainable in the long term. For this reason, I define different protocols according to the specific need, based on the evaluation of the daily routine and of the individual tastes of the patient.

Even on practical level, in order to facilitate the success of each nutritional path, I pay particular attention to the problems of the daily cooking. My personal intererest in the healthy nutrition helps me to suggest simple recipes prepared according to the needs of the patient and to the time of the season.

The main objective of my profession does not consist in the formulation of a temporary diet targeted to the achievement of a short-term result, but in taking the patient along a path which leads to a healthy lifestyle to stay for all the life long.

A lifestyle which is able to guarantee physical and mental wellness

My consultations

My experience allows me to offer specific advice in situations characterized by menopause or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis. These consultations are integrated into a specific health path for women (“Woman Path”).

Practice in food education allows me to follow specific dietary needs: I can study diets aimed at weight reduction in a relatively short time to those interested in them for specific needs (“Holographic Protein Diets”).

My integrated skills help me to develop personalized diets for proven pathological conditions and for allergies or intolerances.

My food plans are inspired by healthy eating in order to start the patient to improve his long-term lifestyle.

The Visit in the Studio

The first visit to my office in Treviso aims to have as much data as possible to define the best food plan for the patient.

An accurate personal, family and food history is performed together.

Subsequently, we proceed with the measurement of anthropometric data (weight, height and circumferences) and then after completing a questionnaire on vague symptoms, also called MUS (Medically Unexplained Symptoms), the analysis of body composition and system analysis are carried out autonomic nervous system through the use of non-invasive diagnostic tools.

The body composition analysis is the measure of body composition in its quantitative, qualitative and functional aspects. It is performed with the BioTekna ™ bioimpedance meter. Parameters such as total body water, extra and intra-cellular water, fat mass, lean mass, extra-cellular matrix, energy expenditure at rest and the circadian trend of the hormonal system will be detected.