Cellulite Legs

Cellulite is a misnomer as it may suggest inflammation. In reality, in the common meaning it is a state of adipose tissue that is not inflamed, but at the beginning it is mainly soaked in liquids. Subsequently, the degeneration of the connective tissue occurs, which becomes dense, fibrous and sclerotic.

The correct term is panniculopatia fibroedematosa sclerosante. When the veins of the legs lose their tone and tend to become weak, the blood flow is slowed down, which also affects the network of capillaries that nourish the adipose panniculus.

The small vessels thus tend to dilate and their walls become increasingly porous and permeable, so that part of the water comes out of the capillaries and invades the interstitial space between the fat cells.

The adipose tissue thus becomes oedematous, loses its normal honeycomb architecture and the adipocytes, due to the edema, are removed from each other and from the capillaries themselves, and then subsequently compressed.

This creates a situation of altered nutritive exchanges between the adipose tissue and the microcirculation e. If this edema situation persists and becomes chronic, with the altered situation of exchanges remaining, the stagnation of liquids and waste will irritate the adipose tissue until it changes its biochemistry and structure.

The connective tissue becomes fibrous, the capillaries gradually change, making vital exchanges with the cells more and more difficult, the lymphatic purification system becomes clogged.

The blood supply decreases considerably in the affected area, the tissue receives less oxygen and nutrients and the skin loses its natural elasticity: cellulite is formed in this way.

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Healthy Drink with Blueberries, Mint and Lime

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