Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is the level of glucose present in the blood. Glucose derives from the digestion of glycides and is essential for energy production.

The levels are relatively constant because they are assured by an adequate secretion of insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas, essential for the use of glucose and for the control of blood sugar).

Levels are normally between 70 and 110 mg / dl in the fasted state and not above 140 mg / dl after a meal.

Initiatives in physical exercise may be useful as the cute Snoopy shows us if we proceed gradually by thewealthyspoon

Physical Activity and Wellness

Movement and nutrition are an inseparable combination to reach a state of physical and mental wellness. A fair amount of physical activity should be provided in the daily life of all of us.

The type and intensity of training depend on many factors such as age, gender, health conditions and chronic stress. It would be necessary to find the right dose of duration and quality of activity to benefit from the movement and to prevent this from becoming a source of further stress.

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