An affection characterized by the presence, in an abnormal position, of islands of endometrial tissue, that is, of the particular tissue that covers the uterine cavity and which, as a rule, is not found outside the uterus itself.
In particular we talk about internal endometriosis (or adenomyosis) when the islands of endometrial tissue are located in the atypical site but always inside the uterine wall and of external endometriosis, instead, if they have an extrauterine site.
In the latter case, the pelvic peritoneum or the terminal tract of the intestine and the bladder may be affected.

Initiatives in physical exercise may be useful as the cute Snoopy shows us if we proceed gradually by thewealthyspoon

Physical Activity and Wellness

Movement and nutrition are an inseparable combination to reach a state of physical and mental wellness. A fair amount of physical activity should be provided in the daily life of all of us.

The type and intensity of training depend on many factors such as age, gender, health conditions and chronic stress. It would be necessary to find the right dose of duration and quality of activity to benefit from the movement and to prevent this from becoming a source of further stress.

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Water flavored with blueberries, mint leaves and lime by thewealthyspoon recommended by Nutritionist Dr. Paola Proietti Cesaretti

Healthy Drink with Blueberries, Mint and Lime

Flavored water with aroma of Blueberries, Mint and Lime, not only a pleasant drink … but even an unexpected help for us whenever we feel the “heavy legs”

In summer, the heat can make more difficult the venous blood circulation resulting in a perception of heaviness, tingling and swelling for the lower limbs.

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