Water Retention

The “water retention” usually indicates the retention in the body of liquids that accumulate in the interstitial spaces, or in the extra-cellular matrix.

Accumulation can also cause edema, a swelling that affects the areas of the body most prone to the deposition of adipose tissue, such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Edema can be generalized if it occurs throughout the body. In this case, weight gain is an indicative symptom because it reveals the rapid and significant accumulation of liquid.

Water flavored with blueberries, mint leaves and lime by thewealthyspoon recommended by Nutritionist Dr. Paola Proietti Cesaretti

Healthy Drink with Blueberries, Mint and Lime

Flavored water with aroma of Blueberries, Mint and Lime, not only a pleasant drink … but even an unexpected help for us whenever we feel the “heavy legs”

In summer, the heat can make more difficult the venous blood circulation resulting in a perception of heaviness, tingling and swelling for the lower limbs.

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