Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the milk sugar (called lactose, which is composed of glucose and galactose). It is characterized by a deficiency of lactase: the enzyme that breaks down lactose into the two simple sugars.

It manifests itself with symptoms that can occur immediately after the ingestion of milk and dairy products or even later: swelling, pain, meteorism can dominate daily life.

Adult lactose intolerance is very common: in Northern Europe there is the lowest prevalence (about 5%), in central Europe the prevalence is around 30% and it reaches almost 70% in Europe of the South (including Italy).

A cup of herbal tea accompanied by sacred basil on a wooden spoon proposed by the Nutritionist Dr. Paola Proietti Cesaretti by thewealthyspoon

Eat well Sleep well

During the night between 26 and 27 October, solar time returned in force and we were able to sleep an hour longer. Our body certainly benefited, especially if we were able to rest well

In fact, several studies have amply shown that restorative sleep lasting at least 6-7 hours brings important psychophysical benefits to our body

We see some of these studies whose full text can be traced back by following the links on the bibliography page.

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